About Me

My name is Rachel Webley and I teach classroom music in South Wales, UK.

It's probaly easiest to state what I'm not first.

  • I'm not an expert ukulele player
  • I'm not an experienced ukulele teacher
  • I'm not an expert website builder / blogger

I started my career as a double bassist, retiring due to health issues, I then moved into full-time instrumental teaching as a peripatetic specialising in lower strings. After gaining QTS (qualified teacher status) I entered into the classroom and currently work in a secondary state school (11-16) teaching general class music, cello, double bass, bass guitar and now ukulele.

So, why have I built this website all about the ukulele?

Well I started playing the ukulele in late 2016 and the first thing that I discovered about the uke was how accessible it was to learn using the internet. Having always learnt instruments in a "traditional" manner (of course before the WWW) it was a revelation to find chords / tabs / videos / apps / sites / blogs etc. all available and generally for free.

I have managed to teach myself uke, start a school ukulele club and we are in the process of introducing the ukulele within our music department for all classes. This has generally been because of the information I have gained from various internet sources, so I suppose this is my way of helping the cause. By sharing my experiences (both good and bad) of the ukulele in schools and by building up an educational resource, I can encourage other teachers and musicians in the same way I have been helped.

Apart from in school, I also play in a local ukulele club and try to get involved in ukulele events and festivals in the South Wales area. This is another reason for the website; to help the already active ukulele community locally in Wales.





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